Leaving a Legacy: Michele Strub Heer & Jordan Strub

Legacy Society Members

Michele Strub Heer is a stellar CASA advocate! She has a strong and compelling passion for the children she serves. We at CASA love when Michele comes by the office, because her warm and caring personality brightens our days. Michele and her husband, Jordan, have always been dedicated to their community.

Together, they decided it was important to not only care for CASA children today, but for generations to come. And so, they created a planned gift for CASA’s future. We are so grateful to Michele and Jordan and asked them to share their thoughts with you…

What inspired you to leave a legacy through a planned gift?
Supporting local nonprofits is important to us … both now and in the future. While developing our estate plan, we realized that we would want to leave some assets to charitable causes. It made sense to name specific nonprofits in our trust so that we could be sure our money goes to worthwhile organizations.

Why did you choose CASA?
As a CASA volunteer, I have seen first-hand the valuable work that CASA people do for the children of the Pikes Peak region. And as a former business person, I recognize that it is a very well-run organization. My husband and I feel quite comfortable that our gift will be used effectively.

What would you say to others who are thinking about joining the Legacy Society?
Planned giving is an easy way to make sure your favorite causes are supported into the future. By joining CASA’s Legacy Society you are making a visible statement of support for planned giving to CASA, and you can inspire others to do the same. You also get a chance to interact with the wonderful group of generous individuals who support CASA and its goals.

To find out more about the CASA Legacy Society, please call Jennifer Malenky at 447.9898 x1002 or send us an email.

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